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The Beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway

I just now ran across this picture. I took it about three Summers ago. We were on our way to Mount Mitchell. It was a little cloudy and the fog was coming across the road. I made my hubby park at the overlook while I trapsed down the road to get this picture. Nope, it was'nt sunny then or neither could you see the "blue" in the mountains, but the tunnels on the parkway are their own kind of pretty. Not to mention, they are sentimental. We took many trips to Mount Mitchell as kiddos and would make dad beep the horn as we went through each one. Fortunately, we lived very close to the parkway and would take picnics at Linville Falls all of the time in the Summer. If you live close to a National or State Park, don't overlook it. Instead, take time to enjoy the beauty even

if no one else sees what you do. :)

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