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Lots of folks around here have told me that epsom salt is good to put around tomato plants when you plant them. They said that they would make them grow and keep them from blighting. Every year I would attempt to grow tomatoes just to have them get almost ripe then blight. So this year, I decided, what would it hurt? I put one tablespoon around each plant. I only planted 3 of them. My garden is small for a reason; so that I have less weeds to pull. :) Not only did they not blight, but I had so many tomatoes that the plants fell over along with the tomato cages. So now, I too will continue to put epsom salts around my tomatoes because I believe with good reason, that it works. Oh by the way, I also believe that the good Lord provides for us too. See the picture below of the tomatoes (and peppers), that I took to mom today.

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