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Shrunken Love

My hubby is great to have around the house. He helps me clean, runs errands for me, and does the laundry. He is almost always great at it. He can get out any stain that you hand him. Except, there was this one time, when he decided to wash my favorite Christmas vest. He washed it in cold water and was going to hang it up to dry. He slowly and sheepishly made his way up the steps with the vest on a hanger. He was afraid that I would have a fit when I saw the result of this particular wash. Instead, all I could do was to bust out laughing. Just the mere look of the now doll sized vest struck me as hilarious. It wasn't long until he too started laughing. We still have the vest, as you see in the picture, as a memento of that day. Was I the least bit mad? Nope! It was done out of love so how could I be. When you do something for someone, it may not turn out like you hoped, but they will understand if it was done with only the intent of love behind it and not to get something in return. :)

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