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The other day, my son and I were on the way to school and as usual were still some what zombie-fied as we always are in the mornings. Then, something came on the radio that got our attention. They were mentioning that in some parts of Germany you are not allowed to have a "K-cup" machine for your coffee because the cups themselves are not "environmentaly sound." My first knee jerk reaction was, "Are you kidding me?" I can just imagine trying to make it through the morning without my coffee. That could not happen because then, I would be a walking zombie. It did, however get me to thinking about what I could re-use the cups for. I studied an empty cup for a few minutes, and then, it came to me. Why not use them to get an early start on my garden? I put some soil that it used to start seedlings after taking off the foil part and then put in the seeds. The used cups are perfect for this because they already have a drain hole and some of the residual coffee that is left in the cup, adds nutrients to the plant.

Here is a picture of my broccoli sprouts that will soon need to be thinned out. :)

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