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Memories Come With Quilts

I was changing the "bed clothes" tonight and in doing so, started reminiscing with all of my quilts. I am quite the quilt collector. They are not fancy by any means, but all tell a story and save a precious memory for me.

My college quilt was made by one of our friends' grandmother who knew that we were all broke,

as most college students are. She charged us $10.00 each.

The blue and white quilt was bought at a benefit yard sale for a whopping $2.00. My friend Kathy and I went and laughed while rumaging through to find all kind of bargains.

Finally, the red and cream colored quilt was made by grandma who loved to pass the long Winter days by quilting. She gave this to me not long before she passed away.

I will always treasure my quilts and my memories. :)

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