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Three Beautiful Brides and Blessings

I had the fortune of having three weddings booked for early summer. As many of you know, I was also down to take a Summer course online to get me geared up for my Fall classes. After looking at my Syllabus, I began to panic a little, thinking, how in the world am I going to get all of this done?

Each wedding was unique. The first was at Wiseman's View at sunrise. The second and third ones were at churches here in the county. After each one, I began to get more calm because I was so blessed by each of the services. Each one was beautiful in their own rights and the music at each one uniquely fit the perspective weddings.

In the end, they taught me to slow down and savor each special moment and even took me back to my own wedding. Thank you ladies for letting me be apart of your day. I'm glad to say, this is my last week of school for the Summer. Now, if you will excuse me, it is time for some R&R. :)

Bride # 3 - Jennifer

Bride # 3- Jennifer

Bride # 2 - Brooke

Bride #1 - Austin

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