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Dreams Come True With Detours

I have wanted to go to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks since I was in high school. We won't mention how long that has been. :) Last week we finally did it. We jumped on a plane to Idaho and rented a car so that we could drive to all of these places.

We walked in our to be home for the week and the place was a dive, but the worst part was there was no air conditioner or fan even. Jeff got on the phone to try to get us some different quarters anywhere close to Yellowstone. As Jeff was trying to explain our woes and how we flew 1,700 miles to get here and getting nowhere fast, Montana and I were so hot that we had to stick our head in the freezer. RCI was very rude and would not help us even though there were places available in Big Sky. After Jeff raised a little Cain, they decided to give us our points and money back. Still, we were homeless, tired, and hot. We finally found a place to stay in Pocatello that was nice and comfortable.

One day, while driving back from Jackson, and attempting to go through Teton Pass , a camper caught on fire and caught the woods on fire in the process. The trooper told us that we would have to go around on some back road that would eventually turn to dirt. Great! We fueled up with gas and got on our way. When we reached the dirt road. I saw a cow, then lots of cows. I finally came to the conclusion that we were stuck in a round up. The cows stood there and looked at us as if we were the ones in their way. I hollered out the window, "Shoo cow, shoo"! That did little to help until I beeped the horn; that they understood. In the back, appeared a hunky cowboy with a pistol strapped on his side. Jeff rolled down the window and asked if we were going the right way, and he said, "Yes, but it would have been easier to go through the pass." After Jeff explained why couldn't go that way, he said, "Oh, that's bad!"

I was thinking, "Ya think!" :)

We drove back and forth for a couple of days while enjoying the sights in the Grand Tetons. The third day, we were so tired when we reached Yellowstone that we decided to stay closer. Jackson was almost full and the places that were available that were not anything special, wanted $300 a night. So, we found a place on our phones 30 miles below Jackson in Alpine. It was located next to a saloon. Oh deary I thought, but the place was simple, but clean and had air conditioner and Wifi. The gal in the office acted like the local sheriff and would not let anything go astray in her place. :)

Finally, the night we stayed in Yellowstone, we were getting ready to go to bed, when our fan went off. The electricity was off when we went to bed. When we went to the grill the next morning for breakfast, there was a sign that it would be a few minutes before they opened. When they finally did, the waiter asked if we heard about last night. "No." "We had a bomb threat in the village here last night so that is why they turned off the electricity". "Why Not!" I said to Jeff.

Later when we were enjoying the park, I got to thinking, If we hadn't had the detours and mishaps that we did, we would not have gotten to see all the sights that we did. Furthermore, I thought of those poor people in the camper. They were homeless and carless. Not to mention that they burned down the forest around them. When you have it bad, just think of others who probably have it lots worst and count yourself lucky. My dream still came true not at all as I pictured, but most memorable still the same. :)

Grand Tetons National Park ( the picture that I took while loosing my balance and falling over) :)

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